Texarkana, USA

is Twice As Nice!


The largest city and Miller County’s seat, Texarkana in Arkansas has a lot of unique traits as a place. Located at the northeastern part of Texas, it is the other half of a city crossing the Lone Star state and Arkansas boundary. Yes, one can be in Arkansas and not know that after a few meters, they have crossed the State Line avenue! This pleasant happens a lot  to tourists and locals, finding themselves suddenly in another state while never leaving town! 

The exceptional trait of Texarkana  - be it in Texas or Arkansas – doesn’t stop there. Functioning as one municipality, too, they share just one post office, and it’s one of a kind in the entire United States! More so, the Federal Courthouse is exactly located at the Arkansas-Texas stateline, making it the only federal office building to be built on such landmark.

With its humid subtropical climate, Texarkana boasts of hot, humid summers that make outdoor activities perfect for the season. On the other hand, the generally mild to cool winters remain friendly to its residents and tourists who want to claim the outdoors during the rather sullen months. Understandably, the year-long agreeable climate creates an environment of fun, relaxation and community among its residents.

Along with its counterpart, Texarkana in Arkansas has a mellow population which totals to almost 70,000 to date. Mostly White Americans, the blend with African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and many other races make the city a cultural melting pot of sorts. A good number of its residents are employed at the Red River Army Depot, say, 7,300. The other leading employers like Christus St. Michael Health Care, Walmart, International Paper, Domtar and Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has a combined 8,000 or more work force from the whole of Texarkana.

The people’s interest in arts, history and culture proved to be an attraction in itself. Texarkanians have displayed affection for its beginning by preserving old structures from 1800s, particularly the testaments to the railroad life. There are also museums around the city which house the artifacts and pieces of art from a century or two back, until the recent local masterpieces. Added to all these would be the yearly observations of holidays and local fairs, tournaments, sports events and the like. But mostly, the outdoors invite as much interest, particularly those who want the quiet life of hunting, fishing, camping and walking the diverse trails of Texarkana landscape.