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Atlanta, Texas
Perhaps what made Atlanta, Texas better known all throughout the United States in the recent years is because Ellen Degeneres once lived in the city. But let it be known that apart from the popular talk show host and comedienne, there is a rather long list of former residents of the city who made it big in their field. To name a few, the list includes Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson, Gordon McLendon who is a pioneer of American commercial broadcasting, and even Mad Men star, Kevin Rahm. All of them graduated from Atlanta High School and trace their roots to this quiet city in Texas.
Located in Cass County, the city has a total land area of 11.2 square miles which is mostly land, but graced with water which comprises 1.17% of its total land area. Settled comfortably at the junction of US Highway 59, State Highways 77 and 43, and over five major farm roads, Atlanta is the largest town in the county. 
Being at the business hub and with a healthy population and potential, Atlanta became the economic center in Cass since its founding in early 1870s. It has remained an important area in terms of commerce and industry since then. In fact, Atlanta a century ago already enjoyed having two schools, several big and small sawmills, a good number of general stores, a bank and a weekly newspaper. 
While the lumber industry was its main source of income and employment then, other industrial businesses soon sprung to make Atlanta a bustling community. To date, the city thrives in terms of forestry, oil, tourism and farming. This explains why most of the properties in Atlanta, Texas are ranches and acreages, developmental and commercial business properties, recreational lots and the like.
Proud of its heritage, Atlanta continues to preserve its identity as “Small Town America At Its Best.” The population of around 5,800 live comfortably in a rather rural setting, but they embrace economic progressiveness as well. While Atlanta enjoys the usual services provided by the government, they have luxurious options as well in close proximity. This means that the residents enjoy the piney woods of Northeast Texas while having the access to more modern needs just a few miles to any direction.