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Hooks, TX
Hooks is not just another small city in Bowie County, Texas. It has a colourful history dating back to the 1800s when the railroad systems bustled in this part of America. It was established as a town around the plantation of Warren Hooks, then a bucolic area where very few settled. But as the railroad service boomed in the 1870s, so did the place which attracted the religious, entrepreneurial and services oriented individuals from Texas and the nearby states. 
The present residents totalling to over 2,900 now enjoy the advantages that come with the accessibility of Hooks to the four bordering states. Moreso, it is a part of the active business and industry endeavors of the Texarkana, Texas – Texarkana, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area. This means that the opportunities in the area somehow trickle down to this smaller town.
Save for a drop in population in the middle of the 1920s, Hooks continue to witness an increase in number of residents. In particular, the two large military installations during the Second World War drew more people to Hooks. They were employed at the Red River Army Depot or the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant, or engaged in various businesses serving the needs of the workforce in both establishments.
The racial makeup of the city makes it an ideal community as well. With education and health being a top priority of the local government, there is understandably calm, relaxing atmosphere among the residents. In the most recent census, there are over 1,300 households and close to 900 families in Hooks. With a population density of 1,444.5 per square mile, it can be said there is a lot of space in the city for the diverse activities of its people. At the same time, there is enough space for the locals to enjoy the Hooks’ landscape. 
As it is situated in the northeastern part of Texas, the city of Hooks boasts of pleasantly warm summer months and a good share of winter coolness. It makes the place a year-round ideal for various sports, interest in the arts and social events.