Texarkana, USA

is Twice As Nice!


The Texas side of this unique city boasts of a healthy population and a pleasant climate all throughout the year. Located in Bowie County, it is the other half of one city which Texas shares with Arkansas. “Twice As Nice,” as the city’s motto says, could truly be had at this northeastern most part of the state as its geography, economy, government and lovely people all seem to get the best of both worlds from Texas and Arkansas alike. Making it more alive would be its proximity to the metropolitan area with over 140,000 residents.

Strategically situated at the Interstate 30 and four US highways, it plays a good neighbor to smaller, quaint cities like Wake Village and Nash. The city’s close to 30 square miles area hosts mostly white Americans which comprises close to 60% of its population. Coming close to the numbers would be African Americans, and the rest of the population is a good blend of Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and other races.
In all, there are over 35,000 residents of Texarkana, Texas to date.

The whole of Texarkana enjoys the warmth of summer, usually warmest – and perfect – in July. Like most part of the state and Arkansas, the city is coolest by January of each year, while there heaviest rainfall and precipitation occurs between October to December. Such ideal turn of season makes the outdoors ideal for exploration. This is why year round, the natural landscape of Texarkana is speckled with sports and nature enthusiasts, tourists and health buffs. The ecosystem of the city and beyond also allows for activities such as fishing, gaming and various outdoor sports.

There is a continuing bustle of economy, business and industry in Texarkana, Texas kept its residents in place. A good chunk of the two cities and metropolitan area’s total population of over 210,000 have lived there for generations. However, majority are from nearby cities and towns, both from Arkansas and Texas, who were pulled by numerous economic and business opportunities. As it was in the 1850s where the railroads system poured jobs, industries and cultural development, today, Texarkana remains a lively mix of prospects for new and would-be residents.

Among the top employers of Texarkana, Texas is the Red River Army Depot with over 7,000 employees. The long-standing Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and Christus St. Michael Health Care each employs close to 2,000 city folks. Walmart, Wadley Regional Medical Center, Domtar and International Paper also employ around 1,000 for their respective organizations. On the other hand, the two school districts boast of 1,600 Texarkanians in their employ.

Like the railroads of ancient past, Texarkana also showcases historical sites and provides a glimpse of its earlier cultures through its museums, arts and even in food and leisure offerings. Some century-old homes like the Garrison-McLain House isn’t just a way to experience the 1890s; it has since been renovated for hosting social events. An even older place of interest would be the Ace of Clubs House, believed to be constructed solely for poker players as early as the 1880s. Apart from its amenities for social functions, the Ace of Clubs also has a museum, one among the many old and new ones in Texarkana.